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1. Halloween III Season of the Witch- Universal Studios 49 second "Teaser Trailer." Still sealed, this teaser is marked number 88303.

2. Halloween III Season of the Witch- unsealed Universal Studios teaser trailer. We assume this trailer is the same as above, however we can't be certain as we lack the facilities necessary to view the reels.

3. Halloween III Le Sang du Sorcier Heksensabbat- unsealed 35mm. Dutch trailer. Yes, at one time those decadent Dutch were permitted to smoke high-grade hash and get the giggles as they watched this Halloween III Le Sang du Sorcier Heksensabbat trailer in some semen- stained theatre in the darkened back alleys of Amsterdam. One day we hope to post this footage on the Internet for the world to see.

4. A pair of HIII color slides.

Video/ CED/Laser disc/ DVD:

1. 1983 MCA VHS videocassette. - Laminated cover. I had this edition as a kid. Well, I taped Halloween III off WGN Channel 9 around Halloween 1987, with all the commercials very carefully edited out. (That's what kids do.) Then I stole the box from Take One Video in Barrington, Illinois, and used it to store my illegitimate copy. (That's what certain kids do. Many call them "delinquent-nerds.") It's unfortunate, but I left this copy at Todd Pot's house in 1989 and never saw it again. It is for this reason it cannot be pictured here. Too bad, because it had some pretty funny dialogue dubbed over the "naughty bits."

2. 1983 MCA BETA videocassette. Catalog # BTA71011 -BETAMAX! So cute, BETAMAX videotapes. So handy, so fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand-convenient. I wish I had a BETAMAX VCR.

3. 1987 MCA VHS videocassette. Catalog #71011 - Non-laminated "matte-finish" cover. This is just a re-release of the above listed, only with a cheaper cover.

4. 1996 GOODTIMES VHS videocassette. Catalog #05-04389 - "Goodtimes" indeed. Trademark of quality- poor quality. A half-ounce videocassette dubbed in EP mode for grainy picture quality and flatulent sound. Still, give 'em props for coming up with a fun cover concept. Despite the fact that they misspelled Challis' name on the back-cover synopsis (not to mention liberties taken with the plot in general), I always got a kick out of walking into my neighborhood Walgreens and having the option to buy a $5 copy of my favorite movie. "Oh, this one's always so good," I'd say to myself. "How can I resist?"

5. 1997 "Blockbuster Exclusive" three VHS "Box Set." -A GOODTIMES three-tape set, grouping Halloween III Season of the Witch with Halloween, and Halloween II. I bought it for the box, which features the HIII logo with the Blockbuster Video logo along the side. Funny.

6. 1986 CANNON SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT West German PAL videocassette. Catalog #2532- Halloween III Die Nacht der Entscheidung. (Loosely translated: Night of the Decision.) Priceless! Hilarious! Riotous, and really, really funny! Who ever had the idea to release Die Nacht der Entscheidung for German consumption is either A.) Stupid, or B.) A real wisenheimer! Such a delicate language, German, and the dubbed in dialogue is a lot of fun. Willie and Bella Challis both sound like idiot man-children, and Cochran's "True Meaning of Halloween" monologue is sure to give any trick-or-treating Nationalist Socialist a little extra "goose" in his step. I mean, put this guy in front of the crowd at Nuremberg and Deutschland may yet again rise as a super power! With a cover that features a pissed off looking Dr. Challis, and clocking in at a lean 91 minutes, it's interesting to note that the movie itself is edited of nearly all gore and only hints at violence most of the time. It's also pretty funny that- for dubbing purposes it's assumed- the Silver Shamrock jingle played throughout the film is the "Eight more days to Halloween" version used at the beginning of the U.S. cut. A wild pan & scan job completes the "effect." Es gelingtihm unentdeckt sein Auto zu erreichen, doch bevor er den Parkplatz verlassen kann, wird er selbst das Opfer einer Autobombe.

7. 1983 MCA CED videodisc. Catalog # 45-11020- What a great idea- a large, unwieldy analogue videodisc that the viewer has to flip over like an LP half way through the program. As they only take up about 1 � times the space of a standard record collection, these things are the gold standard in home cinema! A buddy of mine has several hundred of these and the fact that they deteriorate with age makes watching them lots of fun! We never know if we're gonna get to see the whole movie or not. By the way, the synopsis on the CED edition of HIIILists Challis' name as "Tom" at one point. No respect.

8. 1998 GOODTIMES DVD. Catalog #05-81023 - Features cover-art exclusive to this edition, with a front cover that partially cannibalizes the artwork fromHII, while the reverse-side pictures Ellie Grimbridge wrapped in a towel, posing coquettishly for the camera. The synopsis is pretty impressive, as it references Tom Atkins' non-mustachioed turn in The Fog and even goes so far as to mention the fact that Dan O'Herlihy was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the 1952 film The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. We've never actually watched this version of the film, but how can it be any less-than-spectacular?

9. 2003 UNIVERSAL DVD. Catalog # 23606 - Well, Hell fire! For the first time since 1982, I get to see Halloween III Season of the Witch in all its unexpurgated, wide-screen glory! Some highlights: When Dan & Ellie first arrive in Santa Mira, the expanded frame depicts a Silver Shamrock clock on the wall next to the window from which they're being watched by a well- dressed android. In another scene, the viewer is treated to the sight of the angelic Ms. Grimbridge wrapped in a blanket as she slumbers peacefully on a Rose of Shannon mattress, whereas in the pan & scan version all we'd get to see is a stuporous Dr. Challis slumped over in a motel chair. My only problem with the package as a whole is the lack of extras. Why doesn't HIII get the full DVD treatment afforded so many lesser films? In this case, Universal doesn't even throw in a trailer. On the other hand, the Halloween 25th Anniversary Edition double DVD set leaves no stone unturned in its continued glorification of a certain masked, would-be sister-fucker from Haddonfield, Illinois. Here we have two full discs worth of material, including an extended cut of the film, trailers, radio ads, TV spots, talent bios, a short documentary revisiting the locations used in the film, and an 87 minute documentary in which people like John Carpenter, Debra Hill and Tommy Lee Wallace expound endlessly about a middle-aged, indestructible, impotent, psychopath. HIII is briefly mentioned, as withered movie-mogul and Compass Films CEO, Joe Wolf refers to it as "A horror. Just a terrible film." Hill gamely reiterates the initial intention of continuing the Halloween series as something of an annual anthology, a concept Halloween III was intended to inaugurate. eBay- bound Halloween maven Billy Kirkus rounds out the package with a digital gallery featuring a cavalcade of his most coveted knick-knacks. In the interest of solidarity, we at WTMP have had brief correspondence with Billy in the past, but were ultimately blown-off. Sources tell us Kirkus has quite an impressive Halloween collection. It's said Billy has squirreled his spooky possessions away at his parent's home, somewhere in a bedroom well appointed with a twin bed and fitted rubber sheets. It's not that we're jealous or anything (we do just fine on our own, we think), but does Kirkus need to be such a jerkus? And what kind of adult calls himself "Billy" anyway?

10. THORN EMI VIDEO British PAL videocassette. Catalogue # TVA 90 1911 2- Though the box is dated 1982, we know the film wasn't released theatrically in the UK until 9th, June 1983. Like the West German version, this cut of the film is also heavily edited. The label reads:This film was certified 15 for theatrical release by the BBFC. Further cuts for video release have been made and approved by the BBFC. The box features an airbrushed version of the U.S. artwork on the front and an Ellie Grimbridge ass-shot on the rear. But that's not all, as it also depicts Martin Cassidy in the role that made him famous; black-gloved and poised to gouge the eyes out of the hapless Harry Grimbridge (Al Berry)! The synopsis is hilariously British as it describes an android being "�promptly incinerated when his vehicle blows up in the car park."


1.MCA Records Soundtrack. LP Catalog # MCA 6115-

2. MCA Records Soundtrack cassette tape.

3.Varese Sarabande Soundtrack Compact Disc. Catalog # VSD-5243- So much has been written about this classic soundtrack in recent years that any further discussion would be superfluous. WTMP.com favorites include: "Hello Grandma," "Goodbye Ellie," "Robots at the Factory," and that classic staple of all seasonal mix-tapes "Halloween Montage (Silver Shamrock jingle)." Those jingle-activated snakes sure is fun. Let's whoop it up and have a Real Bad Time!


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